We love Fridays 04.03.16

I recently stepped into a blog which runs a regular post where a professional gives advice and answers to readers letters who ask about questions related to job and carrier dilemma.

One of the readers signed with this name “Overwhelmed and confused” …. It made me think, aren’t we that person every now and then? Sometimes the first,sometimes the second, and many times both.
1. Got this new screen saver March calendar

2. Visited a exhibition of products in our area. We had fun trying different types of food and drinks… yeah drinks too, artisan beer is my favorite. Tasting delicious Brazilian tapas at “me Rio foodtruck

3.  Some aseismanos Father’s day gift ideas

4. And while we design, and cut, and sew and assemble and prepare  paperwork, and make parcels…. we listen to Elise Joy podcast,  always some interesting things to learn which will hopefully help  us in this path we’ve chosen.

 5. We also made this smaller version of our cuoio leather wallet  with  teal zipper this week, it seems to be very popular lately
and we thought it’d be nice to have a smaller version.
It’s available at the shop from today

Happy weekend!!


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