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Cat lovers, this is your collection!

We’re so happy to announce our new collaboration with Angela Gallego, a young illustrator from Elche, our city.

We are very excited about the special print she has designed for us which we have transferred into a small but plenty of love collection that includes a tote, and different pouch sizes, as well as a toiletry bag.

Sweet but not childish, a print that all ages are proving to love since we have displayed the collection in our studio-shop.

This collaboration is important for us for different reasons.

  • We love supporting emerging artists
  • We have created a sustainable collection with a plus, as we’ve used fabric made up of fibers that come from plastic trash collected from the sea by the fishermen. It is SEAQUAL fabric, and we are happy to go in the sustainability direction, something we always have in mind in every movement we make.

pencil case held in hand with coins
with cosmetics inside toiletry bag front view

Our cats tote, unlike other totes, is lined with a strong lining and straps are wide and comfortable. We’ve had in mind the purpose of these totes; it’s more than a bag to carry your wallet and essentials, it’s a bag where you’ll be able to carry your groceries, books, heavy things without worrying it’ll break. It’s roomy but not extremely big so it’s really easy to wear and easy to carry.

The pouches are meant to help you organize the bag. A pencil case, a bigger pouch for cosmetics, or for your face mask, and a coin purse. On top of these we added a roomy toiletry bag.

Combine these items and you’ll have a lovely gift 

Remember, we can adapt the designs to your needs… so if you love the pouch but you intend to use it for your phone and you feel it won’t fit, just ask us, we can certainly make you a custom one. Actually, we love doing this kind of thing, interacting with customers is only one of the good things of this job. Get in touch

All the things that you see at our shop are made by us, in our small studio-shop in Elche, a Spanish city in the Mediterranean. We are a family business.
And because we think a sustainable and ethical way of producing is possible, we created this brand.

It’s an artisan’s work 

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