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Summer markets

Summertime can feel overwhelming sometimes. Tons of movement and flow as people are on the go from one event to the next. Use this creative energy to your advantage. Be inspired by the colors, textures, tastes, and smells of Summer.

Enjoy the beauty that exists in the everyday. Because each breath truly is a gift.

The following dates we will be attending Riu Rau Market in Denia are:

  • August 28
  • September 4
  • September 18

Riu Rau Market – Carrer del Pinaret, 2, 03749 Jesús Pobre, Alicante

At the market you will find seasonal fruits and vegetables, grown on terraces in the region. Homemade bread and jams, cocas and traditional pastries, oil and wine, are some of the products that can be bought and tasted. The offer is dynamic and adapts to the cycles of nature.

There are also traditional craft stalls and the cultural activities that are held every Sunday give it that festive spirit of a town square.


All the things that you see at our shop are made by us, in our small studio-shop in Elche, a Spanish city in the Mediterranean. We are a family business.
And because we think a sustainable and ethical way of producing is possible, we created this brand.

It’s an artisan’s work 


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