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Five small brands for unique gift ideas

Aseismanos is our brand of timeless accessories and handmade in Spain, but we also have a Concept store in Elche where you will find other brands and creators that we love. We would like to introduce 5 of
them. This way you can make a unique and sustainable gift that supports Spanish brands.


Laura and Fausto are the heads and hands of Kinanu. Jewelers and graduate in fine arts. Lovers of the aesthetics of the past, the crafts and the good work. They design and make their own pieces of jewelry and other items inspired by the Mediterranean. From their workshop in Valencia, made by hand and slow fire, taking care of every detail of each piece.

The name of the brand is the name with which the Phoenicians identified themselves in antiquity. Kinanu means purple and also defines what today we call cañailla, mollusk from which this highly prized pigment was obtained. Besides that, it defines what they are, merchants and craftsmen influenced by the Mediterranean and its cultures.


Cool bottles is an innovative start-up company founded by entrepreneurs from Alicante, Spain and dedicated to the creation of reusable stainless steel bottles. Driven by environmental concerns about the 500+ years it takes for a single-use bottle to degrade, the founders of “Cool bottles” set out to make a difference. They offer BPA-free stainless steel thermos bottles, becoming pioneers in Spain specializing in this product. They focused on developing a product that is not only sustainable, but also defines a lifestyle, transforming the bottles into an essential fashion accessory for everyday life.


Aseismanos” is a family business. They have experience in design and pattern making of clothing and accessories, and everything you can see is made in their small workshop by them, Charo and José Vicente, with the help of Alba, their daughter. Hence the name of their brand, “aseismanos”. They have always liked to create things with their hands. They used  to do it for themselves, for their friends and family… until they decided to make it their way of life.

They started in 2011, in parallel to their jobs at the time, and continued that way until they realized they had to fully commit to this new adventure. The result was that they wanted to focus entirely on what made them happiest and that was “aseismanos”. Their studio is always full of experiments in color, shapes, new elements that provide an endless source of inspiration and creative self-development that they intend to share with others.
They believe in the inherent beauty of things made one at a time, and are committed to the extra effort involved. They hope to contribute vividly to the world around them by offering items with a story behind them, sustainable, made one at a time with calm and care.


Resetea began to take shape in 2011 when Iñaki’s idea of growing mushrooms on coffee husks was awarded in a contest. From that moment on, a meticulous process of research and numerous experiments began. As Iñaki conducted his tests, he shared his concerns and gradually attracted followers. Thus, Beltran, Cristian and Luis joined the project. They share a long friendship and have been Resetea partners since 2014.
Initially, they launched a single product on the market, the self-cultivation kit for mushrooms in coffee grounds. Today, they have more than 40 different products, such as plantable thank you cards, and continue to work hard to expand their catalog.
It is worrying to see how natural resources are being affected by human activity. The time has come to change this situation, and it is up to them to care for and protect the environment. At Resetea, they want to be part of the solution and, therefore, they create natural and sustainable products that allow you to enjoy nature at home.


Estefi Martínez, better known by her pen name Pedrita Parker, stands out in the art world as an illustrator, entrepreneur and writer. Her passion for storytelling is reflected in her daily illustrations, where she addresses topics such as the complexity of the feminine universe, mental health and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Her artistic approach is recognized for its freshness and spontaneity, peppered with humor and depth, thought-provoking and inspiring. Although her work is predominantly digital, Pedrita does not neglect her interest in intervening physical spaces and experimenting with traditional formats and techniques.

On the business side, Pedrita has established her own brand and, since 2014, has been in charge of the design, production and online sales management of a wide range of products bearing her signature. She is also the content creator for her social media platforms. All her entrepreneurship and creativity flow from Benajarafe, a picturesque village in Malaga, where she was born and where she continues to develop her art and business.

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