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Finding the best groomsmen gift

David ordered these personalized travel tie cases as gifts for his groomsmen and we absolutely love working on projects like this. Since we started offering personalization we’ve made some of our articles as wedding gifts

Those friends who’ve been with you along your life are the ones you want by your side in one of the most special days of your life.

Consider buying them items that aren’t easily found at specific market places for this purpose.

Buying handmade can be a good way to show them  they’re important for you as you haven’t picked up a gift from a shelve.

Many of the items in our collection can be personalized as Groomsmen gifts however Tie cases makes such a perfect gift for this occasion.

A classic purpose case with materials and design that give a modern twist on it.

tie case open

An outstanding piece of handcrafted work, with initials and date embossed that they’ll be able to pass to future generations.

Others such as roll ups, leather key cases or leather wallets will also be great as groosmen gifts and believe me we love working on these projects; I can’t think on anything more rewarding than taking part on one of the most special days in anyone

Made in high quality extra soft leather and waxed canvas. With a YKK metal zip closure it features a space for ties on the right; on the left there’s a pocket for tie clips and another pocket for bow ties or handkerchieves.

Your groomsmen will love using this gift for years to come


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