We love Fridays ❤ Sharing our week findings

We love Fridays, who doesn’t?

Sharing some of the week findings and experiences with you

Saturday: fresh anchovies + fennel + tagliatelle+ pistachio+ dried berries 

This was our Saturday meal

Here’s the recipe for 2:

– 2 cloves of laminated garlic

– 250 grs fresh anchovies

– 2 tea spoons of milled dried fennel

– 2 table spoons of bread crumbs

– 3 tea spoons of dried berries

– 4 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil

– 1 tea spoon of parsley

– 2 tea spoons of milled pistachios

– 200 grs tagliatelle

Stir fry the laminated garlic in a frying pan until it gets a gold look, separate and keep for later.

Fry anchovies’ filets in the olive oil, when cooked add the bread crumbs, flennel, parsley and berries.

Pour this sauce on top of the tagliatelle and spread the milled pistachios and the laminated garlic on top.

Bon apetit!

Sunday: New York public library has recently added antique Japanese photograps to their digital collection. Beautiful, delicate photos. A luxury to enjoy this online

Monday: and following the Japanese vibe, I found this Japanese fan that I loved. Check our Pinterest curiosities board where we pin our findings.

Tuesday: Spring is here and since, for some reason, we’ve some green color predisposition –moss green preferably if we can choose- we’ve come up with new shop additions in this color, whether in the main body of the item or all of it, you’ll find quite lot of this color in our shop.


Wednesday:  are you travelling over Easter? with this infograph you’ll find it easy to pack your luggage. More ideas in our Pinterest board for the traveller

Thursday: We like to plan our meals a week ahead, just to prevent us from preparing every day whatever is in the fridge and have an organized meals plan, making sure we eat in a varied way and have all the necesssary to prepare, if not all, for most of the meals. We shop vegetables at greengrocers in our neighborhood, and on Tuesday we visit a street market near where we live where farmers bring whatever they’re growing. Much cheaper than shops and so fresh!

We like to try new recipes whenever we can and these are the recipes we share with you in our blog.

This week we also tried cawliflowers burgers, an idea we gathered from 750g  website

Friday:  Happy weekend!!





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