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This week is the #fashionrevolutionweek and we want to share with you the process for the creation of one of our wallets.

If you are here, reading us, you are likely to know this movement that supports a clean, safe, fair, transparent, and accountable fashion industry.

The first thing we do when we create a new wallet is drawing the different colors and material options to have a good idea of how good they will look and check how it fits in our actual range of wallets.

Next thing is material sourcing, if new material is involved, we’ll go to our different suppliers to find the fabric or the leather that we’ll use for it.

José Vicente and I (Charo), we are both involved in the design and the patterning work, this is something we both do, and at the same time we do the pattern, we check which components we will need, such as rivets, ribbons for the bindings, zippers, etc and we order anything we might need so that we have it all in hand when we are ready to start.


We buy all components from local suppliers, and all of them meet Reach EU regulation about hazardous substances.

We only use YKK zippers, they are not the cheapest, but they are the ones that offer more quality guarantees, this is important in a wallet.

I’m in charge of the sewing and José Vicente does the cutting and he assembles the wallet.  Our wallets have as a characteristic that they don’t have visible seams outside so, the assembling part is a very important one.

A first prototype is made to test everything and check dimensions and we make any modifications if needed. Some wallets imply 30 pieces, with reinforcements and padding included.


And that’s it, they might not be all equal, but this is what makes them unique. 

Some of our items are delivered in fabric dust bugs, others we put them in our craft recyclable envelopes that we stamp ourselves, and we place our handmade card thanking you for supporting handmade business.

All the things that you see at our shop are made by us, in our small studio-shop in Elche, a Spanish city in the Mediterranean. We are a family business.

And because we think a sustainable and ethical way of producing is possible, we created this brand.

It’s an artisans work

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