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Apparently, most of us love haven’t turned completely digital when it comes to writing something that really matters or drawing our vacation memories.

The good thing about having a shop in our town is that we can see and hear customers reactions. Some of them would not go for a leather cover, because they are vegan, or because they just keep notes on their phones…but most of them will feel attracted by the softness of the leather. Even though we all keep notes in our phones, many of us still love writing and drawing on paper, and if it is the leather we use, so soft and natural, you will be wanting to grab it all day 😊

Whether you like writing a journal, you’re a musician and write your songs, you like drawing, you keep a goals tracker, etc,  these covers are for you.

Add initials to it and you’ll have a perfect and thoughtful gift.

optional colors for the cover

open cover aseismanos

This is the last addition to our stationery collection and it’s something we’ve always had in mind making. My family, (Charo’s family), has owned a stationery shop for 50 years and I must admit I have a soft spot for any kind of stationery piece.

Here are some reasons for keeping a journal:

  1. Journaling helps to Record daily insights that touch you
  2. You can write about your goals and measure your progress
  3. You can write about your desires
  4. Lessons from your past experiences
  5. Journaling helps to release pent-up emotions
  6. It’s a tool to organize your thoughts
  7. You can write about what you’re grateful for in life
  8. Increases self-discipline
  9. Helps in healing your emotional wounds
  10. Helps in problem-solving

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