You don’t need me to tell you the world is downright bizarre at the moment.

The new normal is not yet normal but we need to make an effort to stay positive under these circumstances.           

Against what we thought would happen, we keep receiving some orders through the online shop and we really appreciate you trusting us knowing how difficult things are.



Your answer when we reach you to inform you that we are working in our workshop with the doors closed (because it’s also a shop and shops which are not groceries or pharmacies are closed), that we’ll do our best to make your orders but that we can’t be specific about a delivery date, is to be applauded.

I have no idea how small independent businesses will be affected when this situation ends, but, in the meantime, we’d like to thank you for your support so far in such strange times.

Supporting Small independent businesses is giving priority to the project over the urgency of getting it in 24h, and show some patience for respect to our work. Thanks so much for this!

The aseismanos studio-shop is closed right now (not the online shop which is open) and we are working part-time in the workshop.

We are dedicating time at home doing so many administrative things that in a normal situation we find hard doing. Improving the website, updating ítems; but also, and talking about turning this situation into something positive as much as possible, enjoying being at home, do some exercise, reading,…

I just wanted to add that I’m not going to preach about the importance of buying in small local businesses because I know people who follow us already do it to the extent possible, but what you can do is, when browsing social media,  be generous with your comments, likes, and shares. This is free and it can help them, not only now, but when this is over, as they will have a bigger audience to help them to rebuild their businesses up.

With regards to orders, as I’ve said before we are working part-time in our studio. There might be items that, due to components lack or because we need some external help to produce them, they can’t be produced right now. In this case, we will contact you at order reception (we always get in touch anyway to confirm order reception and approx. shipping time) and we will inform you of this and we’ll give you other alternatives.

We have decided to gather all shipments, despite some delay, and only ship once every 8-10 days to minimize transport driver exposure.

We’d also like to tell you that all precautions are being taken to package up your orders in a safe, hygienic environment.

Thanks for following us, #stayhome and look after yourself, and let’s work together to get through this.


José Vte, Charo y Alba