5 Ideas to Entertain at Home

Taking up “We love Fridays” 

Because we are confined and it’s hard to realize what day of the week we are in, we thought it was a good idea taking up our “We love Fridays” where we shared brands and resources that we loved. Maybe we can put ourselves in Friday’s mood which is always a good plan ?

     1. We LOVE Lady Desidia’s illustrations and we have her prints in our studio-shop, where independent artists’ work shares the space with our collection.                                                                                                                  She’s been sharing in Instagram a link to download some of her beautiful prints ready to color.

Having calm and relaxation moments is therapeutic and such a good way to entertain yourself and the children at home

         Don’t miss her IG @ladydesidia

    2.  20 cheap easy recipes to make with pantry staples …. no stress

    3. If you are one of those like me who love plants (Who doesn’t!) but finds it difficult to keep them alive this website is just perfect. It’s in Spanish though, but maybe you understand Spanish enough, or, you can use google translator. Her tips and explanations are so clear and straight forward I thought it’d be as helpful for you as it is being for me. Here’s a link to a post where she explains all you need to know to grow lettuces at home with a video on how to prepare a seedbed for urban orchards.

4. A film and a series that we’ve loved and we highly recommend if you haven’t discovered yet. These two really impressed us in the best possible  way and we aren’t easy to please when it comes to films: Boyhood ( Amazon prime video) and Olive Kitteridge  (HBO)

 5. IKIGAY : “Your ikigai is at the intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing” I discovered this Japanese term a while ago and now that we have more time, and we are looking into a way to entertain while at home,  it’s probably the right moment to ask ourselves some questions.          This concept so present in Japanese society might certainly be one of the causes of their longevity. Knowing what your Ikigay helps drive your life in a more meaningful way, as long as you are prepared to make such deep analysis on yourself

Discovering your own ikigai is said to bring fulfillment, happiness and make you live longer.

 If you want to learn more about this you can read “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Héctor García and Francesc Miralles.  Or, you can read this article

As always, stay safe, stay indoors and we are SO grateful for your support – whether that’s an order, forwarding this post to friends and family or just a like on social media 🙂


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